Selected Publications by William Keepin
(Listed in reverse chronological order)


Belonging to God: Spirituality, Science, and a Universal Path of Divine Love,
Foreword by Fr. Thomas Keating, OCSO; Woodstock, VT: Skylight Paths; New York and Nashville:
Turner Publishing), 2016.

The Song of the Earth: A Synthesis of the Scientific and Spiritual Worldviews,
co-editor Maddy Harland, (White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green Publishing), 2014;
(London: Permanent Publications), 2012.

Women Healing Women: A Model of Hope for Oppressed Women Everywhere,
co-author Cynthia Brix, (Prescott, AZ: Hohm Press), 2009.

Divine Duality: The Power of Reconciliation between Women and Men, contributing
authors Cynthia Brix and Molly Dwyer, (Prescott, AZ: Hohm Press), 2007.

Articles and book chapters

[NB: Publications prior to 1994 were published under the name Bill Keepin]

“Toward an Interspiritual Path of Divine Love: The Supreme Secret in the Bhagavad Gita and the
Gospels,” in Culture and Religion – A multicultural Discussion, H. Jochen and C. Mendonca (Eds.),
(Pune, India: Institute for the Study of Religion), Nov, 2011.

“Divine Duality: Reconciliation between Women and Men,” co-author Cynthia Brix,
Kosmos Journal, Spring/Summer, 2008, pp. 34-36.

“Inner Net of the Heart: The Fractal Nature of Consciousness,” in Mind before Matter:  Visions of
a New Science of Consciousness, 
T. Pfeiffer and John E. Mack, editors,  (UK: O Books), 2008.

“The Alchemical Communion: New Frontiers in Gender Healing,” co-authors Molly Dwyer and
Diane Haug, Shift Issue No. 7, (Sausalito, CA: Institute of Noetic Sciences), May, 2005.

“Breathwork,” survey article in the The Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature,
Continuum International, New York and London, 2003.

“Principles of Spiritual Activism,” in Ecovillage Living: Restoring the Earth and her
People, Jackson & Svensson (eds.) (London: Green Books), 2002.

“Twelve Principles of Spiritual Leadership,” in Timeline, (Palo Alto, CA: Foundation
for Global Community), Spring, 2002.

“Toward an Ecology of the Heart” in Creating Harmony: Conflict Resolution in
Community, Gaia Trust Denmark (London: Permanent Publications), pp. 11-22, 1999.

“Leading with Spirit” in Voices from the Heart, E. and D. Shapiro (Eds.),
(London: Jeremy Tarcher/Putnam), pp. 249-55, 1998.

“Science and Spirit: Integrating the Sacred and the Secular,” Timeline,
Palo Alto, CA: Foundation for Global Community, pp. 15-23, Sept./Oct. 1998.

“The Transformation of Science and Sangha,” response to Ken Wilber,
Noetic Sciences Review, Special 10th Anniversary Issue, p. 21, Winter, 1996.

“Toward a New Gender Harmony,” Communities No. 86, pp. 50-52, Spring, 1995.

“Gender and Planetary Healing: A New Approach,” pp. 11-17 and “Gender and Ecology,”
editorial overview, p. 2, ReVision 17 (3), Winter, 1995.

“David Bohm: A Life of Dialogue Between Science and Spirit,” Noetic Sciences Review,
pp. 10-16, Summer, 1994.

“Cleaning Up the Grid: Solar Thermal Electricity Generation Development in Australia,”
Energy Policy 22 (4) April, 1994, pp 297-308 (co-authors: David Mills and Anthony Monger), 1994.

“River of Truth: Life Work of David Bohm,” ReVision 16 (1), pp. 32-46, Summer, 1993.

“Baseload Solar Power: Near-term Prospects for Load-following Solar Thermal Electricity,”
Energy Policy (senior author: David Mills), pp. 841-57, August, 1993.

“ReGendering: The Urgent Need to Heal and Reform Relations Between Feminine
and Masculine,” Chapter 44 in Voices on the Threshold of Tomorrow, (Georg
Feurstein and Trisha Feurstein, Eds.), pp. 129-33, Quest Books, 1993.

“Toward an Ecological Psychology,” ReVision 14 (2), pp. 90-100, Fall, 1991.

Energy: From Crisis to Solution, founding document for the Energy Foundation,
The Presidio, San Francisco, (co-author: Hal Harvey), January, 1991.

“Nuclear Power and Global Warming,” Chapter 13 in Global Warming: The Greenpeace Report
(Jeremy Leggett, Ed.), pp. 295-316 and pp. 515-520, Oxford University Press, 1990.

Energy Efficiency and the Global Environment, International Foundation for the Survival and
Development of Humanity, (senior author: Tim Duane), 1990.

“The Efficiency-Renewable Synergism,” Energy Policy, pp. 614-16, (second author: Gregory Kats), December 1989.

Response to UK Atomic Energy Authority and UK Department of Energy, Testimony to
UK House of Commons in reply to “Supplementary Memorandum by the UKAEA on the
Rocky Mountain Institute Paper” in Energy Policy Implications of the Greenhouse Effect
(HMSO, London, 1989), (second author: Gregory Kats), Rocky Mountain Institute, May 15, 1989.

“Greenhouse Warming: Comparative Analysis of Nuclear and Efficiency Abatement Strategies,”
Energy Policy 16 (6), pp. 538-61 (second author: Gregory Kats), December 1988.

“Nuclear Solution to the Greenhouse Effect?” Elmwood Newsletter 4 (4), Winter, 1988.

“Caveats in global Energy/Carbon Dioxide Modeling: An Editorial,” Climatic Change 13, p. 233-35, 1988.

“Global Warning,” letter in Science 241, p. 1027 (second author: Gregory Kats), 26 August 1988.

Greenhouse Warming: Efficient Solution or Nuclear Nemesis?, Testimony to U.S. House of
Representatives: Joint Hearing on Technologies for Remediating Global Warming, June 29, 1988.
Video footage of this testimony is available online at C-SPAN website: http://www.c
, from 2:04:00 to 2:33:20.

“The Roles of Models: What Can We Expect from Science?”  Chapter 3 in The Politics of Energy
, (Thomas Baumgartner and Atle Midttun, Eds), pp. 33-57 (second author: Brian
Wynne), Oxford University Press, 1987.

“Review of Global Energy and Carbon Dioxide Projections,” Annual Review of Energy,  pp. 357-92, 1986.

“Emission of Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere,” Chapter 2 in The Greenhouse Effect, Climate
Change, and Ecosystems 
(Bert Bolin et al., Eds.), pp. 35-91, co-authors: Irving Mintzer and Lars
Kristoferson, (New York: John Wiley and Sons), 1986.

“Global Energy Study,” letter in Science 227, p. 838 (second author: Brian Wynne), Feb. 22, 1985.

“Technical Analysis of IIASA Energy Scenarios,” Nature 312, pp. 691-95 (second author: Brian
Wynne) 20/27 December, 1984. See also D. Dickson, “Global Energy Study Under Fire,” Science
227, p. 34, January 4, 1985.

“A Technical Appraisal of the IIASA Energy Scenarios,” Policy Sciences 17 (3), pp. 199-276, 1984.

A Critical Appraisal of the IIASA Energy Scenarios, International Institute for Applied Systems
Analysis WP-83-104, Laxenburg, Austria, October, 1983.

Chaos in Nonlinear Dynamics: Overview and Application to Logistic Substitution Model,
WP-82-86, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria, Sept., 1982.

“Multi-rate Integration of Two-Time-Scale Dynamic Systems,” (Keepin PhD dissertation),
Vol. 2 of Solution Methods for Simulation of Nuclear Power Systems, (Palo Alto, CA: Electric Power
Research Institute), April, 1982.

“A New Functional Form for Representing Vibrational Eigenvalues of Diatomic Molecules;
Application to Ionized Molecular Hydrogen Ground State,” Journal of Chemical Physics 70 (8),
pp. 3881-83, 
(co-authors: A. Hashemi-Attar, C. L. Beckel, and S. A. Sonnleitner), 15 April, 1979.

.An Analytic Approach to Electron Depth-Dose in Photographic Film, second author: Donald
Cobb, LAO-208, (Los Alamos, NM: EG&G Inc.), January, 1976.

Selected Unpublished Writings

Spiritual Roots of Social Change, paper commissioned on behalf of the Center for
Psychology and Social Change, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, 1997.

Science and Spirit, an exploration of the ideas of Jeddu Krishnamurti and Erwin Schrödinger,
California Institute of Integral Studies, 1990.

Deeper Implications of Chaos Theory, California Institue of Integral Studies, 1990.

Buddhism and the Environmental Crisis, California Institute of Integral Studies, 1989.